Jesus knows what it means to be forsaken. His Story The God of the Universe came in human flesh and lived among us. He didn’t live in a royal palace. His birth was in a stable. He grew up in a carpenter’s house. Though the whole world was His, He later had no place to lay … Continue reading

Why We Should Care About God’s Creation

Leaf-raking is not my favorite. I finally motivated myself last weekend to get out the rake and slowly, methodically get all my leaves in a pile for pick-up. I also made sure to set some aside for our compost pile. If you knew our yard, you would understand that our leaves far outweigh the need! … Continue reading

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Communication involves speaking as well as listening. In the spiritual life, we sometimes wonder why God seems silent. But rarely do we stop to consider an important part of the equation. Are we listening? Often, I find I have much to say but have become too busy to listen. The things about which I am … Continue reading

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