Are We Training or Entertaining Our Children?

Regardless of what people might say, there’s a big difference in training versus entertaining…and it has nothing to do with fun.  Often a conversation about ministry to children includes comments like the following: “We just want it to be fun for the kids.” “It’s so much easier to relate when we can just do the … Continue reading

Parenting by Distance Education

It’s to the joy of students and the dismay of many educators. Distance education. I did some of my coursework through distance education, and it was wonderful to “be educated” without disruption of other life activities. It’s helpful for those of us who cannot afford to leave work to be on a campus taking courses. … Continue reading

What We’re REALLY Saying to Children (repost)

Sometimes, you just have to scratch your head. If you’ve said it once, it seems like you’ve said it a thousand times. You may feel like you’re child has understood what you’ve said. Yet, they do the same thing all over again. Then the frustrated-parent questions come. “Why did you do that?” “What were you … Continue reading

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