Living in the Overflow

Following Jesus is more than a decision – it’s a life being transformed. I know years ago when I shared my testimony with others, I viewed my faith as static. It was a decision made in the past where I would now stand and wait until Jesus took me to heaven. I had been moved … Continue reading

5 Reasons NOT to Do Family Ministry by Rob Rienow

The following is a lead from Dr. Rienow’s post on his Visionary Family Ministries website.  Many churches are jumping on the Holy Spirit powered reformation of family ministry. Unfortunately, some are exploring family ministry for the wrong reasons. Here are five reasons NOT to build a family ministry in your church. 1. The majority of … Continue reading

The Church, the Family and Sufficiency of Scripture: An Interview with Rob Rienow

As we saw in the last post, Rob’s life dramatically changed in 2004. God brought him to a place of deep repentance over the fact that he was discipling other people’s children, but not his own. He was a spiritual leader at church, but passive with his family. Through that time of repentance, God turned … Continue reading

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