Is God Listening?

Perhaps I’ve taken for granted that God hears my prayers. As His child, I know He loves me.  Through the Word and prayer there is this beautiful, relational dance where I am growing closer with my great, saving Father. He speaks to me and desires for me to speak to Him. But the Word also … Continue reading

Is It Enough to Be a Nice Person?

It’s possible to be nice to someone and not show genuine love. Even in today’s culture, we’re surprised when someone acts rudely toward us. (What did we do to deserve that?) It’s culturally acceptable to be nice — to show common courtesy to those around us. We train our children in “niceties” as they interact … Continue reading

Why God Allows Us to See

I think we see more than we realize. We go about our daily lives passing by or even sharing friendly conversation with people who are in significant places in their life. Most of the time, though, we won’t learn anything about it. We have no idea what tragic loss they are processing internally while putting … Continue reading

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