What We Truly Need at Christmas

Christmas is a time when ideals are celebrated. We sing about warmth and love. Decorations pop up all around. It seems as if everyone is living in peace and security. Except those who aren’t. For those struggling to survive, Christmas brings little reprieve. Moms are still trying to create something out of nothing. Dads are … Continue reading

What It Means to Enter In

No one wants to feel alone…especially in their pain. It’s quite a different thing to be alone as opposed to feel alone. As we face the unknown of how we will truly respond to the struggle, we may wish to be alone so as to not feel foolish in front of others. Yet in that … Continue reading

Why Christians Don’t Experience Freedom

I’m currently on a blog break, but I look forward to getting back to writing again soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d repost a few of the most-read blogs on my site. If you like what you read, I’d love to hear your comments or see a “like” on the post. Your feedback will … Continue reading

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