Spiritual Transformation – The Discipline of Simplicity (Repost)

Yard sales require a lot of sweat, patience, and yes, sacrifice. My family just joined another family in a yard sale to unload several items that I wasn’t even aware I owned. Those that I forgot that I owned – those brought a tear to the eye as someone walked away with them for a … Continue reading

Remembering to Rest (repost)

Life seems to be full of lists. There are so many things to get done or have done, and each day seems to be of inadequate length to complete the tasks at hand. In my life, I have begun to notice that the busier I am the less productive I become. It’s a terrible reality, … Continue reading

A Review of Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels

(2nd edition, InterVarsity Press, 1998.) In his usual relevant, personal style, Bill Hybels promotes a practical look at the discipline of prayer in a believer’s life. This is not simply a truth he teaches but one he has personally applied. We can desire his results when he says “the greatest thrill has been the qualitative … Continue reading

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