Living a Story that Enlarges Your Soul

When life was all about me, my soul was puny. The more I pursued things to satisfy my self-interest, the more I found my soul suffocating for a divine breath. The longer I continued to create the life I wanted to live, the less interesting my life story became. It wouldn’t have been a movie … Continue reading

How to Leave a Soulful Legacy

As a parent, I’m increasingly more aware of what I’m passing on to my children. My sweet little mirrors have revealed to me three-fold some of my quirks, habits, and blind spots. More than ever I believe the parenting itself is a spiritual discipline. Many of us miss this, and we also pass on an … Continue reading

How Our Choices Affect Our Souls

In America, we live in a land full of choices. We take pride in this fact. We enjoy the doing something “just because we can.” But rarely do we consider how those choices are affecting our souls. If we’ve determined to follow Jesus, then we have been called to consider the cost. 24 Then Jesus … Continue reading

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