Do You Hear What I Hear?

Communication involves speaking as well as listening. In the spiritual life, we sometimes wonder why God seems silent. But rarely do we stop to consider an important part of the equation. Are we listening? Often, I find I have much to say but have become too busy to listen. The things about which I am … Continue reading

The Church, the Family and Sufficiency of Scripture: An Interview with Rob Rienow

As we saw in the last post, Rob’s life dramatically changed in 2004. God brought him to a place of deep repentance over the fact that he was discipling other people’s children, but not his own. He was a spiritual leader at church, but passive with his family. Through that time of repentance, God turned … Continue reading

Inspiring Parents to Family Discipleship: An Interview with Rob Rienow

I was recently honored to spend an hour talking with Rob Rienow. Rob married Amy in 1994 and they have been blessed with 6 children. His most important ministry is loving his wife and leading his children to know God and love Him. He attended Wheaton College, then completed an MA in theology at Wheaton … Continue reading

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