Parenting by Distance Education

It’s to the joy of students and the dismay of many educators. Distance education. I did some of my coursework through distance education, and it was wonderful to “be educated” without disruption of other life activities. It’s helpful for those of us who cannot afford to leave work to be on a campus taking courses. … Continue reading

Loneliness, Wholeness and Relationship

We’re not good at being alone. God knew that from the very beginning (Gen. 2:18). We were made for relationship. Yet no other relationship should ever have overtaken our primary relationship – between Creator and humanity. Because of selfish pursuits, we often act out our rebellious nature from the Fall. Even our pursuits of “doing … Continue reading

What Brings All of Your Parenting Efforts Together

Parents are looking for something that will make it all work. In my time doing parenting seminars, I have inevitably found the majority of parents coming for the same reason — they want the key. They want the one thing that’s going to make their family life work. Eventually they realize they might be asking … Continue reading

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