What’s on the horizon?

As the year comes to a close and new one rises, I’ve taken some time to pray and think through direction for writing – including this blog. Part of that has been thinking through what I have found to be particularly helpful as I read from other authors. On the other hand, I’ve also considered … Continue reading

Living a Story that Enlarges Your Soul

When life was all about me, my soul was puny. The more I pursued things to satisfy my self-interest, the more I found my soul suffocating for a divine breath. The longer I continued to create the life I wanted to live, the less interesting my life story became. It wouldn’t have been a movie … Continue reading

A Blessing for Your Family at Christmas

As we prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth, let’s all take a collective breath. Remember God loves you. Remember God loves your spouse. Remember God loves your children. Stop. Rest. Be thankful. Then, shower each other with the love you’ve received and be at peace in Him. We pray this blessing over our family … Continue reading

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