Parenting by Distance Education

It’s to the joy of students and the dismay of many educators. Distance education. I did some of my coursework through distance education, and it was wonderful to “be educated” without disruption of other life activities. It’s helpful for those of us who cannot afford to leave work to be on a campus taking courses. … Continue reading

What Love Looks Like in Someone Else’s Shoes

Love is as love does. It’s easy to talk about loving those who are suffering or in need. No one in your sphere of affluency would disagree with the idea of showing love to others. In fact, you might receive some wonderful accolades as a result of such talk. Yet the step to live it … Continue reading

Living a Story that Enlarges Your Soul

When life was all about me, my soul was puny. The more I pursued things to satisfy my self-interest, the more I found my soul suffocating for a divine breath. The longer I continued to create the life I wanted to live, the less interesting my life story became. It wouldn’t have been a movie … Continue reading

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