Not Another New Year’s Resolution

I’ve not been big on New Year’s resolutions. A resolution means “a firm commitment to do or not do something.” It also means “an act of solving a problem.” These sound like good things. However, the reality of resolutions is sad. I remember joining the YMCA to get fit a few years back. In January … Continue reading

Faith and Things to Come

It’s never easy going forward when you can’t see. I’ve had my share of times driving through fierce snowstorms in the dark of night wondering how I could possibly find a safe place to stop where I wouldn’t be hit by another driver or stuck for days on end. The darkness wouldn’t be so bad … Continue reading

Family Ministry: An Illustration of the Gospel

As we wrap up 2012, the following is the most-read post of the year. I look forward to continuing to share with you in 2013! ———– I’m excited to be joining in with dozens other bloggers that serve in churches around the country to answer the question: What is family ministry? It’s all part of … Continue reading

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