Parenting in Isolation

So, you’ve determined to take hold of your God-ordained responsibility to be the primary trainers of your children. You’ve determined that in the name of Jesus and the power of the Spirit you are going to faithfully and intentionally leave a legacy of faith. You are fired up and ready to see the gospel lived … Continue reading

A Lead from: “Are Pronouns Making Our Worship Lonely?” by Adam McLane

This awakening post is a lead to an excellent reflection of what many may be experiencing in a gathered worship experience. For those with similar experiences or thoughts for a way forward, please join the discussion on Adam’s website. —- I’m not a worship leader. My butt is too big for skinny jeans. My high school … Continue reading

A Touch in Winter

Spiritual winters are long. It doesn’t matter how many days you’re there; it is the weight of winter. The heaviness you feel is almost as exhausting as the emptiness. It can leave you wondering if there actually IS an end to this dark valley. My family recently went through a “winter-like” experience. Surely it was … Continue reading

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