Faith and Things to Come

It’s never easy going forward when you can’t see. I’ve had my share of times driving through fierce snowstorms in the dark of night wondering how I could possibly find a safe place to stop where I wouldn’t be hit by another driver or stuck for days on end. The darkness wouldn’t be so bad … Continue reading

The Matrix: What to Do with a Great Idea

Once you’ve settled on a great idea, it’s like you’ve entered the Matrix. It reminds me of the scene when Neo awakens and begins seeing life through the eyes of the Matrix. The codes all made sense, and he was able to do things he never thought possible. His focus and perspective had changed. It’s … Continue reading


Jesus knows what it means to be forsaken. His Story The God of the Universe came in human flesh and lived among us. He didn’t live in a royal palace. His birth was in a stable. He grew up in a carpenter’s house. Though the whole world was His, He later had no place to lay … Continue reading

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