We Carry Each Other: Writing as a Way to Encourage

It’s always encouraging to know you’re not alone. When you’re a writer, you may work in a perceived state of isolation, but you don’t really desire that isolation. You want to know that you have what it takes. You look to network with other writers and hear their stories of struggle and success – a … Continue reading

La, la, la – I’m Not Listening!

Sometimes you just don’t want to hear it. It’s not that you can’t hear it. It’s just that you don’t know if you want to hear it. So you plug your eyes and sing a little tune to keep from hearing it. It’s as if deep down you know that there’s something coming of which … Continue reading

Is God Listening?

Perhaps I’ve taken for granted that God hears my prayers. As His child, I know He loves me.  Through the Word and prayer there is this beautiful, relational dance where I am growing closer with my great, saving Father. He speaks to me and desires for me to speak to Him. But the Word also … Continue reading

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