How to Be a Generous Presence

It’s easy to be somewhere without really being there. The body is present but the mind and spirit are far away. Thinking about pressures that are carried over from work. Worrying about things that have yet to be done. Pushing through what has to be done in order to get some peace and quiet in … Continue reading

Graciously Getting, Generously Giving (repost)

In a culture that honors Black Friday more than Thanksgiving, it’s easy to get lost in the getting. Of course, we can say that we’re buying gifts for other people, and we wouldn’t be fibbing. Yet, I wonder if we’re more proud of getting a good deal than we are of giving a thoughtful gift. … Continue reading

How Theology Affects Generosity

Our lack of generosity stems from bad theology. Think about it— When you see people in need, do you hesitate or justify inaction? When you become aware of a problem, do you look to blame government or institutions? When you think of the millions who do not yet know Jesus, are you immune to calls … Continue reading

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