Are We Training or Entertaining Our Children?

Regardless of what people might say, there’s a big difference in training versus entertaining…and it has nothing to do with fun.  Often a conversation about ministry to children includes comments like the following: “We just want it to be fun for the kids.” “It’s so much easier to relate when we can just do the … Continue reading

The “Head” of the Week…in all seriousness

Mondays may not always be easy, but you can still make them fun. You may be working in an office, plowing a field, or administrating the home. Regardless of your individual efforts, everyone in your family can use a little Monday pick-me-up. It could be a spontaneous night out or sharing a bit a humor. … Continue reading

What We’re REALLY Saying to Children (repost)

Sometimes, you just have to scratch your head. If you’ve said it once, it seems like you’ve said it a thousand times. You may feel like you’re child has understood what you’ve said. Yet, they do the same thing all over again. Then the frustrated-parent questions come. “Why did you do that?” “What were you … Continue reading

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