By Faith or Not By Faith – That is the Question

Faith is abundant, but shallow. This applies not only to those “religious” but also those who claim not to be people of faith. People place faith in many things. We place faith in the other drivers on the road that they will also obey the same laws by which we are abiding. We place faith … Continue reading

What’s Your Sign?

Imagine planning a trip with a friend to meet at a new vacation spot. You read all about the wonderful things you will see along the way and what you’ll experience when you finally reach your destination. You pack your bags with all the essentials for having a restful and enjoyable getaway. But you don’t … Continue reading

Emulating the Best (Repost for Father’s Day)

When hiking through the woods, my dad would always lead the way. If there was something that was in the path or a place that was difficult to cross, he went first and showed me the best way through. If he stepped on a rock, I stepped on the same rock. If he pushed a … Continue reading

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