A Caution to the Faithless

Faith matters. Faith in God brings peace and freedom. Lack of faith in God brings confusion and bondage. In most Christian conversations, faith is applied primarily to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. This is a clear biblical teaching which rightfully takes it’s place in every gospel-flowing talk. Yet faith means more than just our … Continue reading

Parenting in Isolation

So, you’ve determined to take hold of your God-ordained responsibility to be the primary trainers of your children. You’ve determined that in the name of Jesus and the power of the Spirit you are going to faithfully and intentionally leave a legacy of faith. You are fired up and ready to see the gospel lived … Continue reading

Limited People and an Unlimited God

We all want to take care of ourselves, but we can’t. Now, most of us think we can. We firmly believe we can pull ourselves up by our proverbial bootstraps and take care of ourselves. So we work to gather wealth, fame, Facebook friends – anything that will make us feel like we’ve made it. … Continue reading

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