How Fasting Promotes Compassion

I wonder if one of the reasons we don’t stop is to keep ourselves from feeling. When I was in college, I went with a few buddies to a local wing joint. They had about 20 levels of “hotness” for their wing sauce. By no means were we going to eat anything associated with “mild.” … Continue reading

A Deeper Shade of Green

I’m currently on a blog break, but I look forward to getting back to writing again soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d repost a few of the most-read blogs on my site. If you like what you read, I’d love to hear your comments or see a “like” on the post. Your feedback will … Continue reading

Why We Should Care About God’s Creation

Leaf-raking is not my favorite. I finally motivated myself last weekend to get out the rake and slowly, methodically get all my leaves in a pile for pick-up. I also made sure to set some aside for our compost pile. If you knew our yard, you would understand that our leaves far outweigh the need! … Continue reading

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