By Faith or Not By Faith – That is the Question

Faith is abundant, but shallow. This applies not only to those “religious” but also those who claim not to be people of faith. People place faith in many things. We place faith in the other drivers on the road that they will also obey the same laws by which we are abiding. We place faith … Continue reading

How Our Choices Affect Our Souls

In America, we live in a land full of choices. We take pride in this fact. We enjoy the doing something “just because we can.” But rarely do we consider how those choices are affecting our souls. If we’ve determined to follow Jesus, then we have been called to consider the cost. 24 Then Jesus … Continue reading


Jesus knows what it means to be forsaken. His Story The God of the Universe came in human flesh and lived among us. He didn’t live in a royal palace. His birth was in a stable. He grew up in a carpenter’s house. Though the whole world was His, He later had no place to lay … Continue reading

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