What Love Looks Like in Someone Else’s Shoes

Love is as love does. It’s easy to talk about loving those who are suffering or in need. No one in your sphere of affluency would disagree with the idea of showing love to others. In fact, you might receive some wonderful accolades as a result of such talk. Yet the step to live it … Continue reading

How to Be a Dangerous Family

I want my family to be dangerous. I’m not talking about doing death-defying stunts or running with scissors. Nor am I referring to eating a vat full of insects or sticking our tongues to a pole in the middle of winter. I’m talking about a family living out Christ’s passion so clearly people cry out … Continue reading

The Matrix: What to Do with a Great Idea

Once you’ve settled on a great idea, it’s like you’ve entered the Matrix. It reminds me of the scene when Neo awakens and begins seeing life through the eyes of the Matrix. The codes all made sense, and he was able to do things he never thought possible. His focus and perspective had changed. It’s … Continue reading

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