All Is Not Lost

It’s not always clear which way to go. You may have it in your heart to do just the right thing, and sometimes it’s pretty straightforward. You have a few options, but one is clearly the right one. You’ve prayed, invited wisdom from others, and evaluated the decision on the basis of who you are … Continue reading

Losing God in the Details

Our pursuits are only rewarding when we’ve chosen the right target. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet so many people recently who are in hot pursuit. There’s a passion burning within that calls them to action. They have chosen the path less traveled – one of struggle, sacrifice, and service. It’s been the choice … Continue reading

Musings on Resolutions

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, it’s worth taking time to ponder. Many have already made their resolutions for the coming year, and they’ve seemed to maintain the status quo of the Top 5. Below are those made for 2014. Lose weight Get organized Spend less, save more Enjoy life Stay fit and … Continue reading

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