A Review of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom by Rob Rienow

A Review of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom – Uniting Church and Family in the Great Commission by Rob Rienow, Randall House, 2013, 325 pp., $22.99, randallhouse.com. One of the hottest topics in churches today is the idea of family ministry. The resources are increasing in number as are the approaches and, thereby, the frustration. You … Continue reading

Kisses from Katie: A Review

A Review of The Mission-Minded Family by Ann Dunagan

I’m always seeking out resources to encourage families in their faith and their walk. One such book is The Mission-Minded Family by Ann Dunagan. In this book, this homeschooling mother of seven reveals her belief that “the family is not an obstacle to ministry; it is a vehicle for ministry.” Dunagan’s is a helpful perspective when … Continue reading

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