Family Ministry

  • Generations of Faith (Titus 2) – A consideration of multi-generational ministry
  • Little Children (Deut. 6, Matt. 18, Titus 2) – A look a children’s ministry within the church as family perspective
  • Great Expectations (1 Timothy 4) – A look at youth ministry within the church as family perspective
  • Be Reconciled (2 Corinthians 5) – A challenge for all believers to be reconciled to Christ

Faith Awakening

  • God in the Desperate Times (Mark 5:21-43). It may not always be what we expect, but God’s power will be revealed in God’s time.
  • The Least of These (Matthew 25:31-46). A sincere love for Christ motivates us to compassionate action.
  • No Bake Cookies: The Deadly Sin of Sloth  (various). Sloth is a comfortable indifference to God’s love and neglect of other human beings’ needs. To determine whether sloth has taken hold in our lives, we need to evaluate the symptoms of the problem.
  • Lost…That Loving Feeling: Love in the life of Peter (various). A narrative of the life of Peter reveals that love is not just a feeling; it’s a choice. May this account encourage us to stand firm and persevere through trials revealing our true love for the Lord. May we take care to watch over and care for one another. May we commit ourselves to loving God and loving others regardless of the cost.
  • Spiritual Rhythm: Navigating the Seasons of Faith (Ecclesiastes 3). Mark Buchanan has said, “As in nature, there is a rhythm to our spiritual lives by which we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.” Here, we explore what the seasons of faith look like and how we can follow God’s lead and grow in season and out.
  • Life with Father (Exodus 19-Leviticus). Now that we have been delivered by God, how do we live with our Father? As we look at God’s activity in Exodus and Leviticus, we begin to view His heart and His Law as an extension of His love and joy in His children.
  • A Grace Disguised (Judges). God’s amazing grace pursues us even when we lie to His face.
  • At the Crossroads (Jeremiah). God has provided a good and restful way, but we must choose to walk in it.

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