God’s heart for the world is bigger than our backyard.

God’s heart for the world is bigger than our backyard.

That may seem obvious, but it becomes so much more apparent when you see how God is working in the lives of those in other countries around the world.

As many of you know, my family had a taste for what God is doing in Honduras during our trip back in May. If you weren’t following yet, you can get the background in these posts.

From Dayton to Honduras – A fairly simple story

From Dayton to Honduras – Preparing through simplicity

The Trouble with NOT-Focused Parenting

In short, God laid it upon my eldest daughter’s heart to pray, save and plan to go on a mission trip. It was an honor and privilege as a father to ask God to move mountains and provide a way for us to do this together as a family. He did, and we are still gleaning from all God revealed to us in and through the people of Honduras. I wrote more about that after we returned.

Back to Life as Not Normal

Now, I have been given an opportunity to go back to Honduras with a team of men from my local gathering of God’s Church. We are excited to partner once again with Heart to Honduras for our trip on January 17-21, 2015. On this Vision Trip, our purpose is to meet with potential sister churches that we might partner with a Honduran congregation for the glory of God. From this intentional partnership, we would be able to lay a foundation for more and ongoing trips for not just my family but all our brothers and sisters in Christ at MorningStar.

As part of that effort, we sincerely appreciate your prayers for wisdom, safety, and courage. If you are able, I would also be grateful for your financial support to help me reach my personal goal of $750 to cover travels costs (airfare, insurance, and fees). The goal is to raise these funds by Friday, November 14, 2014.

You can learn more about how to support HERE.

Most of all, please join me over the next four weeks in dedicating time to pray for the children, families and local gatherings of the Church in Honduras. May we pray boldly in the name of Jesus and with a heart like His for the world.


2346731_1413212153.0319Thank you in advance for your support and prayers as we serve in Honduras
and leave a legacy of world missions for generations to come!

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