What We Truly Need at Christmas

Christmas is a time when ideals are celebrated. We sing about warmth and love. Decorations pop up all around. It seems as if everyone is living in peace and security.

Except those who aren’t.

For those struggling to survive, Christmas brings little reprieve. Moms are still trying to create something out of nothing. Dads are working endless hours trying to keep a roof overhead. Children are still hungry. Some are surrounded by people and filled with loneliness. Others are just hoping for another day.

When Cara was pregnant with our first child, we had very little. We had just moved to a new community. Cara was fighting through morning sickness. I had difficulty finding a job. When work came, we had no idea how we were going to make ends meet. The numbers didn’t add up. It would take a miracle.

Though we don’t have many details, we see that even Jesus’ family went through times like this (Matthew 2:13-18). The Christ Child was born and likely toddling around when an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. They had to leave town and flee to Egypt. Herod would soon go on a rampage and begin killing all male children two and younger. The holy family had to run.

No longer did they have the peace and security of home. They lived in a foreign land among a strange people. Joseph was a skilled carpenter, but he would have had no stable income in Egypt. Mary would be learning to care for the home in a new culture, cook with new foods, and raise her first child. We don’t have the details for how long this went on other than the fact that they were able to return home when Herod died (Matthew 2:19-23). Even then, life would not be the same as it had been.

The only thing that would keep the family alive was God Himself.

The Father would provide for their every need. They wouldn’t have it all, but they would have Him. Joseph, Mary and Jesus would lean on the Father. They would press into Him for love, hope, and life. God knew it would take a miracle, and He gave them Himself.

I’m not sure how my little family of three survived as our first child was born. We didn’t have it all, but we did have our heavenly Father. We pressed into Him like we never had before, and He responded with the miracle of Himself. We made it through, but we’ve never forgotten.

There are those around us who don’t have the hope and peace of which we celebrate this time of year. We have a sacred responsibility to reveal the heart of our God to them. We may not have much, but we have Him. He will help us be generous to others – to share the material needs, care for the emotional needs, and dare to address their spiritual needs. Of all things, He is what they need most of all.

This Christmas, don’t let them pass you by.

Share the miracle of God With Us.


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