A Review of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom by Rob Rienow

A Review of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom – Uniting Church and Family in the Great Commission by Rob Rienow, Randall House, 2013, 325 pp., $22.99, randallhouse.com.

One of the hottest topics in churches today is the idea of family ministry. The resources are increasing in number as are the approaches and, thereby, the frustration. You may wonder, “Can’t there just be one simple way to address the topic instead of having to pick and choose from so many options?” The answer according to Rob Rienow: There is! In fact, Dr. Rienow clearly believes that the most important book on the topic of family ministry is most likely already in your possession. It’s called the Bible.

Rob Rienow’s desire is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. In Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom, he provides a helpful guide to come alongside your study of Scripture and call us back to the hard question – “Is the Bible sufficient for every matter of faith and life?” Over and over again we are faced with the truth that not only has God given us His Word to show us what He wants but also how He wants it done.

Rienow suggests that a missing piece of biblical teaching today is the theology of jurisdiction. God has laid the framework for the what and how of biblical living within four spheres: the individual, the family, the local church, and the government. Dr. Rienow does an excellent job laying out the jurisdictional issues that exist in church and society as well as a path toward biblical living. He focuses on the local church and the family while covering each sphere based upon the sufficiency of Scripture and repeating the framework God has given each one according to His Word.

An individual committed to loving God and others advances God’s mission through a godly marriage, godly children, a godly local church, and to the end of the earth. Rienow brings the sufficiency of Scripture and jurisdictional theology straight through to the specifics of caring for the poor, youth and children’s ministries, leadership, marriage, singleness, gender-based discipleship, and evangelism to the ends of the earth.

Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom is the one guide you should consider picking up for your study of Scripture and family ministry. It’s something to be read through in its entirety and then processed a second time section by section. It is a great resource for leaders, teams, parents, and grandparents. The beauty of this book is that each topic is firmly argued from the pages of Scripture. It’s also the first book on family ministry I’ve read that actually addresses Titus 2.

You may not always agree with the conclusions, but you will be challenged to defend your position on Scripture alone. Anything more or anything less would malign the Word of God and the foundation for our faith and practice as we seek to advance the gospel of Jesus and obey God’s call to fill the earth with worshippers.

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