The “Head” of the Week…in all seriousness

Mondays may not always be easy, but you can still make them fun.

You may be working in an office, plowing a field, or administrating the home. Regardless of your individual efforts, everyone in your family can use a little Monday pick-me-up. It could be a spontaneous night out or sharing a bit a humor.

Bringing smiles and laughter also brings life to your family.

We actually have a little family joke. Cara and I reminisced about the “your head” jokes and were explaining them to our girls. We laughed a bit as we tested them out in our dinner conversation a few weeks back.

Recently, one of their Grandmas was in town, and one of the girls said something about “your head” to another one. Cara, of course, had to explain and give the context of the comment.

“It’s kind of a family joke,” she said.

Our middle daughter responded, “Your head’s a family joke!”

We erupted in laughter. It was priceless, and it felt so good to laugh.

I know, I know. Someone is probably thinking the jokes can go too far. You might even say you have a big complaint with this post.

My only response is, “Your head’s a big complaint.”

In all seriousness, it’s healthy and unifying to enjoy small moments in life with your family.

  • Share a little family joke.
  • Plan to play a game every Monday night where everyone can just be crazy.
  • Take silly pictures.
  • Dress up and dance around together.

The important thing is to realize that everyone in your family needs to laugh, and each of you have it in your power to lead the family in the joys of life together.

Take some time today to have fun as a family.

Even a small moment of silliness will be worth it!

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