My Life and God’s Mission

“I don’t really see how talking about the Trinity is very important.”

The statement moved through my emotions from shock to frustration yet ended in sadness.

This thinking could be the result of low concern for the things of God. Perhaps it’s an illustration of the failure of the Church to preach the whole counsel of God. Regardless the reason, it should serve as a call to action.

We must proclaim the mission of our Triune God.

The Latin phrase Missio Dei is thrown around quite a bit, but most people have no idea what it means. They just know it looks good on a t-shirt or as a tattoo. Missio Dei means “the sending of God.” It’s at the very heart of the gospel, and it affects every one of our lives.

The Father has sent his Son on mission. The Father and Son have sent the Spirit on mission. As theologian Andreas Kostenberger has said, “…the three persons of the Godhead are involved in one great mission, the revelation of God to humanity and the redemption of humanity for God.”

The Father, Son and Spirit work together in unity to reveal the heart and character of God to every human being. If not for this revelation, we would all be lost and without hope. Without the revelation, there would be no redemption.

And yet the Father, Son and Spirit also are on mission to redeem what was lost – you and I. To see the heart of the Father in the death of the Son and the power of the Spirit. Our lives are forever changed by faith in the Three-in-One.

But God has not simply saved us from death. He has saved us to life.

Life in His family where we glorify the Father by following the Son and living in the power of the Spirit. Life that is abundant. Life that is purposeful. Life that is filled with meaning.

But there’s more.

The Missio Dei also involves me. It’s getting my heart, soul, mind and strength around God’s heart and mission. It’s about revealing God to all humanity and seeking redemption of humanity for God. It’s about being the receiver of God’s heart and the giver of His heart.

And none of us would be able to succeed in this mission apart from the Father, the Son and the Spirit.

Understanding the Trinity may be a difficult concept, but you would hardly find a more essential pursuit. The Missio Dei is all our hope, peace, and purpose in this life and the life to come.

But it’s more than that.

The Mission of the Trinity is all the hope, peace and purpose that a lost and dying world so desperately needs in order to experience what is truly life.

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