How Our Time Reflects Our Hearts

We spend time doing what’s most important to us. We make time for what comes second.

Let me explain. No, it’s too much. Let me sum up.

We spend time working, learning, eating, exercising and sleeping. We spend time watching TV, going to the movies, and hanging with friends. We spend time playing sports, dancing recitals, and running a marathon. The list could go on.

Honestly, most of the things we spend our time doing aren’t bad things. In fact, many of them are necessary. The point here is just to say that we spend time on those things about which we deem essential for our lives.

Now, what do we make time for?


I have yet to hear anyone say they had to make time for work. I can’t recall hearing someone who had to make time for sports. Nothing comes to mind about anyone making time for a movie.

But everyone seems to have to make time for God.

In other words, we make time for those things about which we deem non-essential.

How we use our time is a reflection of the desire of our heart.

Now, no one really wants to say they believe God is non-essential, but the fact remains – how we spend our time reveals the truth.

Perhaps we should consider what our time spending is revealing. It’s one thing to say God is a priority; it’s another thing to live it.

My prayer for our Commissioning group and for all of us is this:

May we begin spending time with God.

We might just find that spending time with Him results in everything else as well.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33, NIV)

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