My Life According to the Calendar

Some of us are very tied to our planners; a day hinges on how well we’ve planned.

We become good at this most likely because our schedules are so full and so busy that we know we couldn’t survive without it. Whether it’s a meeting, volunteer opportunity, grocery shopping and a limited time for a shower, our calendars are a reflection of our life’s mission. In that vein, we have a readily available assessment tool for our spiritual lives.

If the Triune God reflects unity and harmony in keeping with The Great Commandment, then my life should be a mirror image.


What does my calendar reveal about my love for God and others?

  • How does my schedule align with God’s priorities?
  • In what way does my planner reflect a self-focused life?
  • Does the last month of events reveal a heart for others?

I’ve also found that my personal assessment has many blind spots. There are just some things I miss. So I know that a genuine evaluation of my life’s mission requires some outside help.

If you’re willing to take the risk, consider showing the last month and next two months of your calendar with a Jesus-following friend. As them to take only what they see on the calendar and write down the top 3-4 priorities that your schedule reveals. Then, meet for coffee and humbly receive their findings.

The risk of vulnerability is worth the clarity of Jesus revealed in you. (click to tweet)

The Psalmist prays, “Teach us to use wisely all the time we have” (Psalm 90:12, CEV). God stands ready to help us, and He has given us His Church to support us as we seek to live out a life that vibrantly displays the heart and mission of our God.

If we are serious planners, then an assessment is going to need to be scheduled. So set aside that Friday in two weeks from 2:00 – 2:15 PM for a calendar assessment. It just might be the one appointment that could change your life.

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