Pen vs. Sword: Writing to Make a Difference

I’ve finally gotten through my previous posts leading up to this little reflective writing project. Now all that’s left is to ask the big question.

So what?

I’ve realized that writing is not easy for me, but it’s necessary as I seek to leave a legacy of faithfulness to my children and those yet to come. (A Compelling Reason to Write)

The most impressionable pieces have been those that feel like a conversation within a sincere relationship where I’m fully engaged. It’s not an easy task writing this way, but it’s an essential focus for writing that lasts. (In the Cafe – Writing as a Conversation)

A life lived in words but not reality has little to offer the next generation. So, I want to truly engage the life God has given me and find a living story worth writing and reading about. That begins will being fully present with those around me. (A Living Story – Writing from Your Life)

As in a vibrant life, writing is not a solo act. Reading and interacting with others is necessary for my personal growth and for faithfully transmitting a message worth receiving. (Connected – Writing in Community)

I’ve also been reminded that I can become to busy living life that I miss out on experiencing the life I’ve been given. This has driven me to slow down and become more aware of everything and everyone around me (Wide Awake – Writing in Awareness)

And yet, my awareness should be bent in a particular direction. Because it’s not the life experiences themselves but the people with whom I experience life. My relationship with my God, wife, daughters, friends and strangers are deserving of my keenest attention. (Unforgettable: Writing as a Way to Remember)

As a writer, though, not everything will seem like a scene from a fantastic movie or a classic piece of literature. Even (and especially) in those times it’s important that I persevere in writing as a discipline. These may be the times that form me more as an effective and relevant writer. (Keeping On – Writing as a Discipline)

In the good and hard times, I have the opportunity to develop empathy and compassion. It becomes a wellspring of hope from which my writing can be a gracious give to carry others through the highs of lows of their lives. (We Carry Each Other – Writing as a Way to Encourage)

Persevering also gives me the clarity and focus I need to forge ahead and begin making a difference. Whether I publish it or not, writing has helped me gain a “big picture” of how God has guided and gifted me. (Seeing Clearly – Writing as a Way to Focus)

With this renewed focus, I have been given a picture of the way forward. I’m dreaming day and night of how to live out the gospel entrusted to me in a way that illustrates my God-given heart for children, families and freedom in Christ. (Visionary Life – Writing as a Way to Dream)

So, I’ve determined to see writing as art — a way to create. To imagine. To write in a way that helps others get a glimpse of what life could and should be. (1,000 Words – Writing as Art)

So what now?

Now, I live the dream.

Come what may, I faithfully persevere on the journey of making the gospel of Jesus Christ a living reality.

I keep my focus on being fully aware, fully engaged and fully present with my wife and children.

As I passionately proclaim love and freedom in Christ to them, it will transform all my relationships.

I make every sacrifice and change necessary to ensure my way of life reflects my heart for God, families and children.

I live the dream…

…and I write to encourage you to do the same.

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