The Matrix: What to Do with a Great Idea

Once you’ve settled on a great idea, it’s like you’ve entered the Matrix.

It reminds me of the scene when Neo awakens and begins seeing life through the eyes of the Matrix. The codes all made sense, and he was able to do things he never thought possible. His focus and perspective had changed.

It’s also like buying a new car. Maybe you’ve searched long and hard, and you’ve especially been looking for something not everyone had. So, you finally settled on your “unique” vehicle only to drive out of the lot to see at least half a dozen on the way home.

So, our Commissioning group has settled in on a great idea. They have become aware of the needs of children in South Chicago. They have been moved with compassion to do something to offer hope to these children. Yesterday, they firmly decided to act and scheduled a trip for Summer 2013 to make a difference.

It’s a great idea.

But it can also fall flat if we’re not careful.

So, what do we do when we get a great idea? Here are a few thoughts that will help us to fan the flame that began with our awakening to mission.

  • Remember what moved you. For our group, we were moved to do something for children. We also learned of what children go through in man parts of the world, and we were drawn to urban ministry. So we can work toward Chicago by continuing to remember our heart for children in urban settings. Keeping children clearly in view will help us move forward purposefully.
  • Act on your passion now. It would be easy for us to focus totally on our trip to Chicago next summer. But it’s difficult to keep the excitement up for 7 months. Not to mention the fact that our ministry isn’t going to magically turn into “amazing” because we loaded up the vans. It’s essential to begin asking, “How can I serve children now?” There’s no reason we shouldn’t go above and beyond to begin serving children in our local church and community. It will continue to keep us connected to the people who so grabs our hearts and minds in the beginning.
  • Become a dedicated student. We have a lot to learn. So it will be necessary for us to find others who have a similar passion and see what they have been doing to make a difference. We should ask, “How can I learn more about urban ministry to children?” Then, we humble ourselves and determine to learn as much as possible. We learn from the children we’re serving; we learn from the leaders who are ministering.
  • Talk about it constantly. If people aren’t sick of hearing you talk about your passion, then you should talk about it more. Once you’ve entered “the Matrix”, you should see all of life in that framework. Every child, every high rise, every report of violence, every mention of Chicago should spark a conversation about our ministry next summer. Sharing your passion with others will raise awareness for them and reaffirm your desire to stay the course and see your mission through.

One more thing about great ideas — they will notoriously fall flat if not founded on a strong and powerful foundation. 

Our mission to give hope to children in urban settings was not something we pulled out of the air. It’s something that came out of a serious conversations. Each conversation was about how we live out God’s Word; each conversation was about how we live like Jesus where we are. 

Jesus has a heart for children. This is clear in His earthly ministry, and it’s clear by the way He responds to us as His children. So it makes sense that we “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute” (Proverbs 31:8, NIV).

Jesus’ heart for children as revealed in God’s Word drives us to speak up for the destitute children in urban settings, especially in South Chicago.

We’ve awoken to a great idea, and now we’re seeing everything more clearly.

May we be faithful to maintain the passion God has given us to truly make a difference in the lives of children both here, in Chicago, and everywhere we go.

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