Visionary Life: Writing as a Way to Dream

Writing has the ability to illustrate life as it is or life as it could be.

Sometimes it can be a bit of both.

As I near the end of reading through my previous posts, I’ve had the opportunity to review my perspective on life as it was at that moment — the struggles, emotions, passion, and excitement. The memories come flooding back as if I were re-living the experience again.

But all of those descriptions wrapped in those moments were also tied to one or more relationships — the people I was experiencing life with at the time.

It might not be obvious to the casual reader. It wasn’t even obvious to me. Even in the best writings you don’t have the whole context of the author’s life. As the author, I have the context, and I’ve begun to see something emerge.

I guess if you tag your posts well, then you might not have such a hard time. I’ve tried to tag my posts appropriately, and I’ve even re-tagged as I’ve read through old writings. There were several things that seemed to be consistent throughout.

Tags: fully present, fully aware, family, incarnational living, faithfulness, legacy, simplicity, intentionality, loving God

In all of that, I somehow missed a tag that happened occasionally but was there in the background of just about every post — children.

I care very much about marriage and parenting because I know how both affect the life of a child. I care very much about awakening to a living faith in Jesus because I know how much I want to leave that legacy to my children. I want to be fully present and fully aware so my children know that I love and care for them. I want to live out Christ in my life so my children can see Him more clearly. I want to live a life of simplicity so I can be more generous with my resources and time toward my children.

I love God so much that I can’t help but love His precious and most valued creation. I want to remain faithful to His Word and develop His heart. In seeking to live like Jesus it only follows that I would be intensely and intentionally involved with children.

In looking back on my previous writing, I’ve been given a picture of the way forward.

The picture above is an experience I had but also a dream I have.

It’s a picture of my three precious girls walking alongside their Great-Grandad. These four enjoy life together. Age differences don’t matter. Preferences fall away. They are all who they are, and they love each other.

As I mentioned before, a written snapshot cannot always give you the context.

On this day, we visited a great uncle — Great-Grandad’s best and lifelong friend. This uncle had left a legacy of faithfulness which was apparent by the words and presence of his family and friends who were surrounding him as he awaited the moment to go to be with his wife and his Savior as cancer progressed.

Great-Grandad loved Uncle Fred.

He was at a moment not unlike Jesus in Matthew 14 upon hearing of the death of John the Baptist. In a time when you probably just want to be left along in your sorrow, you realize there are others around who need your attention.

Uncle Fred lives right across the street from the community church where my girls’ grandmother had painted a mural behind the baptistry. My girls had never seen this mural, but they knew Great-Grandad thought the world of his daughter-in-law for her contribution.

In the midst of his sorrow, Great-Grandad got the key and walked over with his three great-granddaughter to give them his undivided time and a glimpse of the legacy from which they came.

I dream of living a life of faithfulness and compassion represented in that little snapshot.

As I write, I can keep that picture in mind while living that life now — in the present.

The way to reach that dream is to live it in the present.

It starts with coming home fully present with my children — today.

Today is Uncle Fred’s funeral, and we take time to remember and praise God for his legacy of love and faithfulness.

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