When You’ve Finally Decided to Take a Risk

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You’ve finally had enough.

You’re tired of the apathy. Words have been many, but actions few.

Worst of all, you realize that you are part of the problem.

So you decide to wake up and act.

I’m right there with you.

It’s easy as a writer and leader to maintain the status quo. You don’t want to make any waves. The people who follow seem comfortable and happy to be around you. It feels good to be liked. So you have a tendency to do whatever makes everyone else comfortable so you can maintain your own comfort as well.

But there’s a problem.

If there aren’t any waves, then the water is stagnant. It turns a terrible color, and the texture is just not right. The stink begins to turn everyone away. Except, we’re not really talking about water anymore, are we? We’re talking about our faith.

Faith without action is like a dead, lifeless pool of water (James 2:14-17). Nothing can live there; not even you. If we don’t act on our belief in God, then we are no different than the demons (James 2:19).

Sincere faith should be passionate. Faith has both words and actions. James said “Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works” (2:18, ESV).

But you agree with James, and so do I. Right? We’ve decided to act.

So now what?

Do something. Do something hard.

It’s time to take a risk. It’s time to act on the truth that God has spoken into your life. It’s called obedience. Obedience is not safe, but it’s necessary.

As Timothy continued in obedience to God, Paul encouraged him in his faith and ministry in 2 Timothy 1. As we begin living out our faith, we need to act with these things in mind:

  • Start small. For Timothy, it began with the faith of his elders passed on to him. Paul called him to be faithful with what he had been given. If you’re faithful in the little things, you’ll be ready for the big things (Mt. 25:23). Start by doing what you know to be right at home. Serve the poor in the place where you live. Become a good steward of what God has given you. Start small, but start now.
  • Be passionate. In our culture, passion is described as something that comes and goes. But we must determine to be passionate. We must be intentional about loving our spouse and raising our children. We must be purposeful in our study of God’s Word and obeying what it says. Don’t wait for a feeling – “fan the flame.”
  • Don’t fear. We’ve experienced the incredible gift of God’s unconditional, sacrificial love which casts out fear. But, stepping out in faith will bring along trouble. Some people may not like you. Perhaps some will criticize your efforts. Regardless of what comes our way, we must not fear because our identity should be found solely in Christ.
  • Love with power. Let you actions show that you genuinely mean what you say. Let your life speak of the powerful love of Christ. You can only do this if you’re abiding in Christ. Keep the Great Commandment clearly in view – Love God, and love others. Love until it changes things.
  • Keep focus. It’s easy to let our passions run without thinking of others. It’s easy to let our fears back us into a corner. It’s easy to dream big things for the whole world and neglect those under our immediate care. In all of the talk of power, passion, love, and action, don’t lose control. Maintain balance. Remember why you are acting. It’s not to make a point. It’s not to make yourself look good. It’s to be faithful to the gospel by which you were called.

Let’s not be apathetic. No more talk without walk. It’s time to do something hard.

It’s time to believe the gospel enough to live it.

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