Why We Should Care About God’s Creation

Leaf-raking is not my favorite.

I finally motivated myself last weekend to get out the rake and slowly, methodically get all my leaves in a pile for pick-up. I also made sure to set some aside for our compost pile. If you knew our yard, you would understand that our leaves far outweigh the need!

We love having so many trees on our little plot of land. It provides shade during the sunny months and helps reduce the cost of keeping our home cool. Our mature trees provide a sense of lasting beauty. Their height always draws my eyes upward as if directing my gaze toward the Creator.

Until a leaf falls in my eye.

Face it, caring for creation is a lot of work. It’s no wonder many people hire it out. But in doing so, I wonder how much is lost? We already live so disconnected from nature–removed from the wonder that reveals our Creator. Perhaps in keeping our hands clean, we’ve sanitized our souls from something that could bring the focus and refreshment for which we’ve been longing.

But, what if it’s just not our cup of tea?

Creation care might not be your “thing,” but it is your responsibility. (Click to tweet)

This is something I play over and over in my mind.

You see, God gave two primary commands to humanity at the time of creation.

“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28, NIV).

  1. Fill the Earth – God made man and woman to come together and produce a heritage of faithfulness. In this way, the image of God would spread over the face of the earth to bring glory to the Creator. We can see throughout Scripture God’s purpose and plan for families and generations of faithfulness.
  2. Subdue the Earth – God also commanded man and woman to steward the world He created. We are to interact with His creation with the same love and care with which He created it. We become loving caretakers of God’s garden.

Awakening to Responsibility

As part of my faith awakening, I have a renewed passion for not just knowing God’s Word but responding in faithful obedience. Part of this process is to start at the very beginning.

Looking at humanity’s divinely-given purpose at creation, I’ve “awakened” to a couple of things you might see in my regular blog posts.

  • I have a divine responsibility to care for my family.
  • I have a divine responsibility to care for creation.

I’ve taken some time to share some insights as I’ve grown in my responsibility as a parent. (You can read more of those posts by clicking HERE.)

Lately, though, I’ve been dedicating more time to know, understand, and respond in faithful obedience to my responsibility as a steward of God’s creation.

Whether or not you and I like gardening, I see a few reasons why we should care anyway.

  • God commanded us to care for creation. When God created humans, caring for His creation was on His mind. He wanted us to care for one another (family legacy) and care for the Earth (creation care). Just like my children learn to obey whether or not they feel like it, I must obey my Father regardless of my preferences.
  • Caring for creation reveals God’s heart. As we interact with the world around us, we reveal the character of our Father. He was intentional, careful and creative when he formed the world. He is faithful to sustain the world through His power. When we tend to God’s creation, we have an opportunity to illustrate God’s heart for the world.
  • Caring for creation reveals our heart. God has given us an incredible gift. He thought of absolutely everything we would need, and He provided it for us even before He created us. We have received this blessed gift from our loving Father. But how we respond to the gift reveals what we think of the Giver. We can use and abuse it, or we can care for it lovingly.

This is not a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s served as a starting point for me. I want to live in faithful obedience. I want to reveal God’s heart to the world. I want my life to be lived in gratitude for all that God has given me.

We’ve talking through this in our Commissioning group, and we are beginning to look at creation care differently. One of our teens shared a practical way we can begin obeying right now – by adopting a highway in our community.

The first step always begins right where you are. 

Right now, I’m faced with a wind storm that came last night and brought down every last leaf onto our previously raked yard. Leaf-raking is not my favorite, but it’s my responsibility. I do it as an act of obedience to reveal God’s heart and to give Him praise.

And you know what? In the process, I’ve learned a fresh, organic way to worship.

If you’d like to learn more about ways others are seeking to raise awareness of our responsibility for creation care, check out THIS SITE.

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