Slow Enough to Be

The pace of life in Western culture makes me wonder if we’ve forgotten what it means to be human.

With each new technological development, we applaud the ability to do more. Life is supposedly easier. We can be more productive. EverythingMovesFASTER (no time for spaces or punctuation).

Including us.

It’s as if we think we are machines.

I hear much of this thinking when people define success.

  • Valuing quick results instead of thoughtful processes.
  • Highlighting quantity instead of quality.
  • Reaching higher instead of going deeper.

When we view man as machine, we can’t help but define success in this way. It also makes sense to see families as means to an end, co-workers as an assembly line, and God as a task master.

But God did not create us this way.

God did not create robots to do work, but people to enjoy. He gave us purpose within the context of relationship. He made us in His image, and He is not a machine. God is a Person.

Perhaps we need to take a step back from our activities to reclaim a biblical outlook on life. Maybe we need to take a day off from climbing the ladder in order to go deeper with our Creator. It’s possible that the best choice we can make today is to obey one of God’s clear commands.

“Be still, and now that I am God” (Psalm 46:10, NIV).

Try it.

Still still for two quiet minutes and think about God.

Was it difficult?

Do you feel guilty for “wasting time”?

You are not a machine; you are an intentionally created person. (Click to tweet)

It may be difficult to reclaim this perspective of humanity. It’s not something you can just turn on and off (pun intended). It involves discipline, intentionality, and process.

And it’s essential to the abundant life Jesus came to offer.

Today, we can determine to change our pace – but we have to choose.

To slow down enough to be human.

To slow down enough to know Who is God.



To be.

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