Missio Dei (repost)

The following is an excerpt from Creative Bible Lessons on the Trinity–

A relationship with God means more than a cozy spot in Heaven. Our passionate, triune God is on a mission. This has been true of God from the very beginning, and it is the prerogative of the Father. “From initial creation through ultimate consummation and everything that happens in between, it is God the Father who is the Architect, the Designer, the one Who stands behind all that occurs as the one who plans and implements what he has chosen to do.”[1]Missio Dei is the Latin phrase meaning “the sending of God.” The Father has sent His Son on His mission. The Father and Son have sent the Spirit on His mission. As one author has said, “…the three persons of the Godhead are involved in one great mission, the revelation of God to humanity and the redemption of humanity for God.”[2] God has revealed Himself, and He chooses to use those who are in relationship with Him to reach those who are not. This is an opportunity for us to not only see God’s mission but commit to being participants in that mission.

[1] Ware, Bruce. Father, Son & Holy Spirit (2005), p. 51.

[2] Kostenberger, A. & Scott Swain. Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity in John’s Gospel (2008), 155.

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