Fight Song: The Parent Edition

Some days I seem to wake up motivated. Other days, I could use a fight song.

It makes sense to me, especially being so interested in film. If you watch older movies or even some independent films, you are caught off guard now if there is silence during scene transitions. You expect there to be some background music to carry the mood of the story or take you to a new place.

Whether we want it or not, there is a kind of soundtrack for life.

In the hustle and bustle, the composition is some kind of avant-garde creation. The noise is the music; and I, quite frankly, begin losing my mind (no offense to my avant-garde friends). The “life noise” may be good things or worthless things, but it is noise nonetheless.

As parents, we can become so overwhelmed with keeping up with meals, education, discipline, instruction, activities, and more that we just want some PEACE AND QUIET! (I apologize for raising my voice. It’s been a rough week.) We desire a soundtrack with some piano, running water or crashing waves to calm the frazzled soul.

Generally, though, I don’t think I really want noise or water music. I need a renewed sense of purpose as a parent.

I need a fight song.

I need to wake up reminded of my purpose and ministry. I need to remember Whose I am and who I’m trying to reach. I need to set aside the distractions and focus on the most important thing.

I’ve not seen many who can do this well, but I see God doing something awesome through Nehemiah. In the midst of a huge vision and life-threatening conditions, Nehemiah stands up and gives the people exactly what they need to keep going.

A fight song.

Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes. (Nehemiah 4:14, ESV)

Do you have a boss who is micromanaging everything you do? Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord is great and awesome. Persevere for your co-workers and your family for whom you are providing.

Do you feel like you have more than you can handle with meals, cleaning, homeschool, yardwork and more? Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord is great and awesome. Fight through for the good of your family and your Lord.

Do you not feel like being a parent today? Remember the Lord relentlessly fought for and pursued you. He is your strength as you relentlessly fight for and pursue your children.

I know it’s not all as simple as that, but it definitely a place to start.

Don’t be afraid.

Remember the Lord.

Go fight for your children!

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