Just Be Yourself

The longer you live, the more people you become.

I look at my children and sometimes glamorize my “simple” life as a child and son. I only had to think about what I was going to play with for the day. For the first 7 years of life, I didn’t even have to share!

Well, I had to learn to share as I interacted as a friend. It’s a life transition that continues to this day as I make new friends and learn to relate in a healthy way.

Eventually the day came when I became a brother. You experience life with friends, but you live life with family. Once again, the life transformation continues.

I became a husband, and I gained a whole new depth to love, family and intimacy. You are friends, but you’re more. You’re family, but you’re more. It’s a closeness that seems unparalleled. Becoming a spouse is not only an event but a life-changing process.

My life changed again as I became a father. Deep passion in my heart for leading, guiding, and protecting sprung anew with the incredible blessing of three precious daughters.

In career, I’ve been a teacher, server, trainer, volunteer, coach, youth worker, and family pastor. The list will continue to grow because it seems the longer you live the more people you become.

In the midst of all of these “people,” who are you?

I have many roles and responsibilities. I have deep relational connections and acquaintances. Yet none of these relationships define who I am.

Only Jesus can define who I am.

Because of my faith in Jesus Christ, I have been adopted by the Spirit as a child of the Father. The best part – I get to be a child again!

And yet, as a child, I seek to mimic everything my Father does.

Ephesians 5:1 says, “Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children” (NLT).

In other words,

  • As God’s child, I practice being a caring friend like Jesus.
  • As God’s child, I love and care for my brothers and sisters (natural and spiritual).
  • As God’s child, I imitate Christ’s love for His Bride by loving my bride.
  • As God’s child, I reveal the Father’s heart for His children by sharing His heart with my children.

No matter how long I live or what new “people” I become, I must be sure to just be myself.

I am and will forever be His child.

Take a moment and encourage others by sharing below how you would finish this statement:

“As God’s child, I….”

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