A Review of Visionary Parenting by Rob Rienow

For parents looking for a genuine friend and guide, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Visionary Parenting. In this book, Rob Rienow shares his journey through repentance to a God-sized vision for his family. He rests this vision on a strong biblical foundation and provides a practical way for you to begin picturing God’s bigger plan for your life and the lives of those under your care.

In the first four chapters, Rienow encourages you to take a step back and reflect on your life as a parent as he did when he began this transformation. You’ll be reminded of your God-given power over the hearts of your children. The authentic community so many are looking for can be found right in our own homes. “It is the primary environment where faith and character are formed and shaped.” If our schedules are preventing time with the family, the schedules need to change. If the family is disconnected from extended family, we need to forge reconciled relationships. These breakdowns in the family are simply reflected in the struggle of the local church. It’s also the starting point for the way our children view God and His family. Rienow reveals an understanding of the difficult histories and relationships within the family, but he also provides godly insight on the path forward.

In the middle section, Rienow provides a fresh vision for a loving home. Creating a safe home for children to grow, be trained, and have hope in God’s loyal love is the theme. Yet, it requires parents to come to an understanding of how God parents us as opposed to comparing ourselves to our peers. A safe home involves a counter-culture father who is willing to follow God and set the tone for the relationship with his wife and his children. Amy Rienow explains that a safe home also involves a mother who is committed to God as her first love and views her home as “the training ground for the future marriages” of her children. Of course, the people in the family not only need to be the right people, but they also need to do life together with intentionality.

The last part of the book gives a helpful perspective on intentional family life. Rienow gives a practical look at family worship and its priority in the life of a visionary family. He also paints a biblical picture of discipline in the home. “Every single discipline situation you face is an opportunity to lead your child toward being a more devoted follower of Jesus Christ.” As such, he uses the term “discipleship” instead of “discipline” to remind him of his desire to move beyond behavior to connect the hearts of his children to the gospel.

Rienow finishes the book with an incredible vision for what multi-generational faithfulness would look like in his family. As he does, you can’t help but begin dreaming God-sized dreams for your family. After reading Visionary Parenting, you’ll come away encouraged, equipped and confident of God’s purpose and plan for the life of your family.

One Response to “A Review of Visionary Parenting by Rob Rienow”
  1. Sherry Dunning says:

    Wonderful review! I have not read the book, but this review captures everything I would have expected, and hoped it would be, from a man like Rob with a pastor’s heart for families! Well done Rob, wishing you every success as you continue to put God first in everything you do. So happy for you, hope you sell a million copies!

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