A Review of Visionary Marriage by Rob and Amy Rienow

Rob and Amy Rienow have authored an excellent, practical look at the biblical view of marriage. Both have advanced degrees in theology, yet both have openly shared their need and pursuit of training to excel at what it means to be a godly husband and wife, father and mother. In Visionary Marriage, you go on the journey with them as they read Scriptures and determine to faithfully obey the clear teaching of God’s Word.

The Rienows ask a provocative question – “Why Marriage?” Sadly, many cannot answer this question, at least not with any depth. The Rienows also admit that even though “God created the family as the fundamental institution upon which all human life and civilization rest…we never gave it serious theological thought.” They correct this by delving into the biblical teachings on the family.

They first consider the role and responsibilities of the husband (love, serve, lead) and then the wife (help, reverence, training). For the first time in my readings on family and family ministry, I’ve finally found authors who have dealt carefully and biblical with Titus 2 (which is why “training” might be an unfamiliar responsibility to many). It is clear that the Rienows have concern for reading and proclaiming the whole counsel of God on marriage and family life.

In the latter half of the book, they address “becoming one.” In their words, “God wants your job descriptions to combine together for a shared mission and purpose.” With this in mind, the Rienows provide fresh perspective on the mission of spiritual formation, encouraging one another in the faith, and raising godly children. These chapters not only provide a clear outlook, but they are tremendously practical in their approach.

Of course, all of this “begins with a husband who has a dynamically Christ-centered, Bible-driven, multi-generational vision for his life.” Thus, the Rienows cast a “God-Sized Vision” of the far-reaching effects of “giving your best ministry to your spouse and partnering together to impress the hearts of your children with a love for God.” It is a vision you need to read first-hand.

Whether you’re considering marriage, recently married, or married for years, Visionary Marriage is a book that will challenge and encourage you. No matter where you are in life, it’s not too late to break generational sin and set a visionary course for multi-generational faithfulness for generations to come.

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