Lice, Love and Other Mysteries

Life is hard enough, but living with lice is just ridiculous.

The elusive little bugs entered my life right in the middle of a personal struggle I was having. I’d been following God’s leading for ministry but seeing very little fruit. I’d become uncertain of my direction and started to question whether I should consider something else.

The lice attached themselves to 3 members of my family in a way that conversely mimicked the detachment I felt from spiritual community. It was a time when you wonder whether anyone noticed if you showed up or who, if anyone, were your real friends.

Yet, the presence of lice never made me doubt the presence of God. I have been through trying times like that before. This time, I had a deeper peace. I may not understand God, but I certainly knew He was there.

You see, God was in the lice.

My wife Cara had just had a spiritual epiphany that renewed her passion for homeschooling our 3 daughters. A few hours later, we learned about the lice. It was the point of shattering, but God had already provided a discipline to begin putting the pieces together.

Cara and I prayed.

God revealed His presence to us in a new way during those prayers. We placed our complete dependence upon Him, and He renewed our strength and refocused our hearts. Not only did Cara continue and have a wonderful audit with a certified teacher, but God began to renew my focus, too.

Scripture came to mind about Satan desiring to sift Peter like wheat (Luke 22:31). I’m not sure that describes me exactly, but I did feel that perseverance was what God was speaking to my soul. I responded with more determination than ever to move forward in church reformation through family discipleship.

God also revealed His love for me through our spiritual community. We had friends who checked in, sent gifts and supplies, or said they were praying for us. It wasn’t a typical “praying for you” deal, either. How do we know? A couple of them actually said they loved us. It resounded in our hearts as if it came from the deep, life-changing voice of God Himself.

We certainly could have done without the lice, but we desperately needed the results that came. It’s a mystery, to be sure, but it’s a mystery we will continue to dive into. We’re not out of the lice scare just yet. But…

…we are sure of God’s presence and direction

…and we know that we have people who love us

…lice and all.

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