Emulating the Best (Repost for Father’s Day)

When hiking through the woods, my dad would always lead the way. If there was something that was in the path or a place that was difficult to cross, he went first and showed me the best way through. If he stepped on a rock, I stepped on the same rock. If he pushed a branch out of the way, I did, too. I knew that the safest route through the woods was mimicking my dad’s every action.

In the same way, Jesus went through life here on earth before us. He went through the same struggles and temptations that we each deal with, but He went through it all perfectly. 1 Peter 2:21 states, “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example to follow in His steps.”

The key to a successful Christian life is not found in a complicated formula. Our victory comes as a result of following the example of Jesus Christ. We may not be able to step on the same sand as Jesus did in His day, and we won’t be able to do everything perfectly. However, we can learn to live and act as He would in our daily life, and God has given us His Holy Spirit to help us take the right steps along the way.

If you truly want to have a life pleasing to God, take time out to study the life of Jesus. Spend time regularly in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Study Jesus’ words and actions closely. Ask your youth leader or pastor for a good book to read about the life of Christ. You will never know what Jesus would do unless you truly focus your attention on Him.

It is also important that you pray and give your heart and life totally into God’s hands so He can mold and make you more into the image of His precious Son. You may want to find a friend who will help keep you accountable and pray for you. Anything that you can do to keep you on track with God will be well worth your effort as you seek to emulate the very best example we have.

My dad showed me the safest way through the woods, but it was still up to me whether or not I would make the right choice. There is no better role model than our Savior! He has definitely led the way and showed us the best way to live life. Now the only question is—will we been faithful to follow?

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