How Times Have Changed (Part 1)

An observer of family and cultural changes has recorded:

There used to be a time when an honest child was raised, not at the hand of some hired nurse, but in his mother’s lap, and at her knee. In those days a mother could have no higher praise than that she managed her house well and gave herself to her children. Of course, she had plenty of help: when occupied elsewhere, she could call upon a trustworthy grandmother to care for all the little saplings taking root in her home. She knew that the elder would not stand for any foul language or misbehavior. Religiously, and with the utmost delicacy, the older lady would oversee not only the serious tasks of her young charges, but also their games and play.

Nowadays, by contrast, too many children are handed over almost from birth to some daycare worker, who might let just anyone assist her – quite often the least-qualified sort of person. These people take no though of the kind of conversation they have, giving children their earliest impressions of the world, while their minds are still green and unformed. It’s a disgrace, really, that parents could care so little about what these caretakers say in front of their children. Even worse, the parents themselves make no effort to train their little ones in goodness and self-control. As a result, children grow up in an atmosphere of laxity and poor manners. Over time they come to lose all sense of shame and all respect, both for themselves and for other people.

As you read this statement, consider the following:

  • What would you say about the author?
  • Do you feel this is an accurate statement? Why or why not?

Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting more details about this observation and how it may affect our perspectives.

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