A Beautiful Death

The following is an excerpt from the March 2012 release Creative Bible Lessons on The Trinity

Sacrifice has become a relatively everyday word, but it held a much deeper significance in the cultures represented in Scripture. Throughout the Bible we see sacrifices and offerings being made for sins, thanks, dedications and more. Today, we talk of “little sacrifices” we have to make to get through the day, get ahead in our life goals, and make things work in relationships. We have a very limited view of what true sacrifice is. That is, until we grasp what it is that the Father did through the Son at the cross. It is a terrible sight to behold, but the image ultimately gives us hope. The suffering experienced there is unspeakable, yet we proudly display the symbol of shame because of what it means. The important thing is that we truly know what it means. Before this session, spend some extra time in prayer for your teens as you prepare to go together to the cross and reflect on what happened there. Keep in mind “the Spirit must awaken our hearts to see the beauty of Christ, fall before him, and put our hope and trust in him.”[1] Pray also that your teens will be able to say that their hope and trust is in the one true God Who loved them enough to die in their place.

*Order your copy of Creative Bible Lessons on the Trinity HERE.

[1] Ware, Bruce A. Father, Son, & Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles, & Relevance (2005), 121.

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