A View from the Other Side – Day 6

Today was the final day of my “week in charge” of the food.  The following are some notes on my view from the other side from today and some final reflections.


I attempted another egg dish. I call it “egg in a hole.” It’s just fried eggs inside a piece of toast. My sous chef Cara talked me through it again. Her most consistent advice was “You just have to feel it.” Not very scientific, but it is what seems to make Cara’s cooking so excellent. I simply do not have the gift. I waited for her to feel it, then I flipped my toast. In the end, it turned out well. Everyone ate and was filled which is, at least, part of the goal.

For lunch, we headed out a bit. The girls haven’t been out of the house since Christmas, so we took everyone over to Blue Turtle Toys to use a bit of their Christmas money. We tried out Tropical Smoothie Cafe, but we weren’t very impressed. We did learn, however, that we were still not quite ready to be out of the house. Much coughing, sniffing, and complaining later we arrived home.

Sadly, I had not planned on dinner at all. My plan was to go out to a couple of New Year’s Eve parties to which we had been invited. Realizing that our first outing was not quite successful, we opted to keep everyone home for the night. We’d pretty much used up the leftovers, and I didn’t buy any more than I intended to make. So…

Cara saved us. She took a quick trip to Trader Joe’s where, because she was there “on the hour,” she got to celebrate the New Year in Macedonia with the Trader Joe’s staff. (I love that place.) She brought back some quick eats for all of us, and we watched a movie together as a family before putting the girls to bed.


Humility continues as a key word and character trait. Not only was I unprepared, I was becoming increasingly more ill. When I’m sick, I tend to want to check out. Cara, still ill herself, made sure everyone was cared for. We have to persevere regardless of the circumstances, and it’s always easier to do when you are persevering with someone else who is on the journey with you.

Regardless of our sickness, we still created an experience together – albeit a snotty one. It’s not every day that we go to a place like Blue Turtle Toys, and the girls had a great time looking through and selecting things based upon the money they brought with them. Learning can be fun, you just have to know how (as Dr. Seuss would say).

Final Reflections

Perhaps you are reading this and you are normally the one out of the house. As you seek to get to know your “cooking spouse” better, keep in mind the old adage – “Man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.” The one who is the primary keeper of the home and prepares the meals is in a seemingly endless cycle. You prepare, you cook, you eat, you clean. This happens three times per day, seven days per week, three hundred sixty-five days per year. Every day it’s as if you’ve done nothing. People are hungry again and things get dirty again. If you truly understand this, then you are in a better position to support your spouse without grumbling or complaining. God bless Cara for her continued enthusiasm and perseverance in what seems to be a never-ending task.

Parents, children are constantly changing. We notice this from time to time, but we tend to forget in the day-to-day. We must keep in mind that if our children are constantly changing then we must be constantly engaging in order to establish and maintain relational intimacy. A weekend or week of vacation is not enough. We must find ways to daily interact and learn something new about our family members. When cleaning up after Christmas, we had the girls choose some toys to give away to those who may not have much if anything. One of the girls chose to give away a toy precious to her since her birthday just seven months ago! If you aren’t constantly engaged, you probably won’t be a good gift-giver, but you definitely won’t have a strong relationship with your children.

As a final note, I want to bring up a common phrase used among men. When committing to a game, experience or bet of some sort, we often here someone touting, “Go big or go home.” What is the negative in this statement? Our home. It’s time for men to be men and rise up and change this perception. We need to take the lead in establishing intimacy. We need to intentionally pass on our faith and values to our children. We need to love our wives like Christ loves the Church. These are huge tasks, but God has promised to enable us to accomplish this and more through the power of Holy Spirit. So let me leave you with my closing words of advice for all who read this…

Go home, and Go Big!

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