A View from the Other Side – Day 5

My notes on my view from the other side continue below.


My plan for today’s breakfast was a simple cereal and juice, but Cara encouraged me to consider pancakes as it was Friday (our usual family day). I was a bit hesitant. Anna was excited about pancakes until I asked her if she remembered the last time I tried to make them. “Oh, yeah. We don’t want to do that again,” she replied. In any event, Cara said she’d talk me through it, so I got on with the chocolate chip pancakes. I’m please to announce, they were all edible and actually very tasty.

As I mentioned yesterday, my goal was to make a meal today that was nourishing for both our bodies and our hearts. So, I invited my ladies to a tea party and extended a special invitation to their dolls. (We don’t normally allow toys at the dinner table, but this was a special day.) We had ham and Dubliner cheese sandwiches, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, carrots, celery, dips, pickles and, of course, cookies and tea.

Now, I haven’t included any pictures of the food this week. There’s a reason for that. When I see pictures of food, it just makes me hungry. However, today wasn’t simply about the food; it was about the experience.

A Doll & Family Tea Party

Two Classy Girls

The girls were so excited to see a place setting and extra places at the table for their dolls. Of course, they mothered the dolls and recited familiar table conversation.

A Princess and Tea Sandwiches

We all dressed up in something new or something we liked very much, and we enjoyed our tea together.

Everyone is so unique, and that makes the event that much more special and memorable. The pictures help give some idea of what happened, but the spirit and emotions are what will be revisited time and again.

I did not quite have everything I needed for my original dinner plan, so Cara talked me through my first creation of lentil soup. It was delicious and was paired quite well with an extra french bread mini loaf from Big Sky Bakery.


Sometimes you can be so busy planning and preparing so many different things that there just seems to be a breakdown in the thinking process. I planned a menu long before and listed all the necessary ingredients. Yet, I still did not have everything I needed to make tacos for dinner. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet, it still happens. I’m in awe of how Cara can find herself in the same predicament I was in today and still pull off an incredible meal. She had all the things she needed for a lentil soup, and away we went!

When you’re in the kitchen, you’re constantly learning. If you’re not usually in the kitchen and you decide to try something like I did this week, you need to be prepared to learn. In other words, be praying for the Spirit to grow humility in your life. Things will go wrong; the menu may change; and even a simple meal might not turn out like you’d expect. Cara says that it takes multiple experiences making pancakes to know how to make them light and fluffy (as they should always be; not burnt and chewy like my first experience). Cara is always learning new ways of cooking and incorporates all her new knowledge of health into what she does. We all are the better for it, and we all should be sincerely grateful.

One final thought regarding the tea party.

Serving Tea

It’s not about the food, it’s about the people you share it with. Cara has a servant’s heart, and I think I’ve grown a bit in this regard over the course of my experience. From what I see in Cara and what I hope is becoming more evident in my life, everything done in the kitchen is an act of love and service to those who receive. Therefore, meals can and should be intentional. We shouldn’t simply eat to live nor should we live to eat. Instead, we should see meals as a wonderful opportunity to purposefully and creatively show our love to one another.

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