A View from the Other Side – Day 4

We moved into the second half of my week in the kitchen. The following are some notes on my view from the other side.


We started the morning with a simple breakfast of yogurt, blueberries and granola. I thought we’d get the milk product in early with all the colds and croup going on. Anna, Ella and Abby are still sick, but Cara definitely had it worst today. Oh, and that wager on a violent illness from yesterday, it’s decided to come early. I told you I didn’t have the stamina Cara has. It’s not violent yet, but I have a feeling we’re going to need more tissues.

For lunch, we had a variety of leftovers from the week, and everyone had their fill. I was glad to have an easy lunch, because dinner was anything but. Cara told me I was taking on a big task, but I was feeling adventurous. My plan was to make Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and wedge fries. I had great bread (very important), and we have a freezer full of meat from the 1/4 cow we recently bought from a local farmer. I had onions, peppers and provolone. It turned out to be a decent steak and cheese sandwich. It wasn’t Philly Cheese Steak, and we didn’t have any water ice for dessert. For future reference, an electric knife is a must. Maybe next Christmas…


As I was standing in the kitchen cutting up vegetables, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I just wanted to be with my children. I hadn’t really spent much time with them during the day. Clean-up and prep work in the kitchen was a big part. I also had to run out to grab a couple items at Dorothy Lane Market and drop off a gift for our neighbor who is still waiting to come home from the nursing home. I wasn’t doing anything superfluous, but I just didn’t get to hang out with them much. Cara, on the other hand, had a ball creating doll furniture and painting nails with the girls.

After dinner, we had a family game time and movie night. I was happy just to be with and love on my family. When I prayed with the girls tonight, they thanked God specifically for our time playing games and watching the movie. There are so many things to do. When I’m home from work, things are still swirling inside my head. At home, there are always projects to finish and more to begin. In the end, the things that matter most are any of the moments you give your full attention to your family. Whether it’s building a school desk for an 18-inch doll or cuddling during the “scary part” of the movie.

Tomorrow, I hope to make a meal that will be a family moment as well as a source of nourishment. We all need both.

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